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Tattoo Me Now

Overall Value:
Promotional rate of $27

Customer Service:

Free Bonuses $105 now

Program Description:

Easily browse through thousands of beautiful categorized tattoo designs from the comfort of your home! All are printable tattoo designs. Check out photos of other people's tattoos and get inspiration from them or upload photos of your own tattoo and get to know what others think about it.
Print out your favourite design and bring it to your local tattoo artist or use it as an inspiration for your own unique tattoo!
Put an end to your search for designs online - this is the only source you'll ever need..

 Includes :
  • Armband tattoo designs
  •  Kanji tattoo designs
  •  Zodiac tattoo designs
  •  Japanese tattoo designs
  •  Tribal tattoo designs
  • Chinese Design tattoo designs
  •  Stunning Butterflies designs
  •  Elegant Florals & Vines designs
  •  Beautiful Lower Back Tattoos designs
  •  Tons of Unique Tribals & Celtics designs
  •  Dragons, Skulls & Angels designs
  •  Hearts and Crosses designs
  •  Street Style Graffiti designs
  •  Detailed Arm and Ankle bands
  •  Patriotic Designs
  •  Astrological Designs

Tattoo Artist Review:

Claiming the No.1 Rank is Tattoo me now. Tattoo Me Now offer thousands of tattoo designs, it includes expert advice on various aspect of tattooing. Many of the tattoos found are selling at online sites like E-bay for $6.90 to $9.90 each. Even if 1 tattoo cost $1 each, 3500 tattoos would have cost $3500. Therefore, it's a attractive buy if you are looking for tattoo designs. Around 30 to 40 new designs are added monthly. Tattoo me now also clinched the Top spot for it's great support, through forums, emails and telephone. Replies were quick, helpful and sincere.
Customer Review:
"I've totally changed my way of thinking since I joined. Now I realize the importance of thinking over what I really want before making the final decision. And let me tell you, I've gotten so creative with the designs and have at least three ideas I'm working with. I have an appointment with an artist scheduled for next week. Can't wait!!" - LL – Sweden

Tattoo Ideas

Overall Value:
Customer Service:

Program Description:

Avoid a paaaaainful tattoo mistake and decide on a tattoo design that suits your personality, reflects who you are, and looks KILLER!
Learn how to be sure the tattoo idea you select will be one that you'll be satisfied with for YEARS to come... or even design your own.
Discover if the artist your handing your money over to is competent, skilled and safe, BEFORE you make a terrible mistake.
Educate yourself on tattoo safety to avoid NASTY infections and diseases!
Learn how to access over 300 tattoo designs and tattoo ideas available for immediate download! And much more...


This is an excellent program. It teaches you how to differentiate between an experience tattoo artist and an amateur. It also has simple instructions to care for your new tattoo, so as to prevent infections and to allow it to last a lifetime. I personally think the section on the type of ink is very good, especially for people who would like to have a choice of the type of ink they want their artist to use. The sections which teaches you How to Design you own tattoo is really useful. The tattoos designs all artistically designed  and bound be be unique and attractive.
My only lament is that it has only over 300 designs. However, it's a good combination of a guide and a collection of designs

Chopper Tattoo

Overall Value:
Cost: $19.95

Customer Service:

Program Description:
This Tattoo Ebook is the ideal tool for finding that perfect tattoo and avoiding a potentially costly and painful mistake!
Whether it's your first tattoo or your tenth tattoo, this ebook contains hundreds of the most unique and original tattoos you will ever see organized by category.
  - Huge selection of temporary tattoos, non-piercing jewelry, tongue balls and hoops. Over 2,500 designs - butterfly, flower, dragon, Asian, sexy, sun, and Lower Back designs.

This book is provides good advice for anyone who wants to have a tattoo. The book is simple and easy to use. There are expert views on the various types of tattoos and their ease of tattooing. Sections on caring for Tattoos, how to look for a good tattoo shops are all very well written. Good advice includes looking at the brand of ink they use. The writer is obviously an experienced tattoo artist himself. The best part is the price. At this rate, you'll be getting hundreds of creative tattoos, many of which are sold for $.6.90 each on E-bay. I personally like the Tribal Tattoos. I would recommend it for anyone looking for unique, creative designs instead of thousands of common designs.

Japanese Kanji Symbols
Rank: #4
Overall Value:
Cost: $100

Customer Service:

Program Description:
Many People use WRONG Japanese symbols which they don't understand.
Even in Japan, Some people have inappropriate Japanese Kanji Symbols on their body, arm or legs as a tattoo design. The team of professionals will create for you, a new ,special and unique Kanji symbol for your Tattoo art.
This is a great site. Why, because it's INDIVIDUALIZED. Which means they'll specially create the tattoos that you want for you. Kanji's Professionals can translate Your Name from any Language into Japanese Kanji Words or symbols and they'll come up with several styles and design to choose from. I like the idea of having my own, unique, one in the world tattoo for myself. Great customer service. Very highly Recommended except it is really expensive

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